We are a charity and never charge for any of our events, so that what we offer is available for everyone. From the beginning, our founder created the principle of free spiritual tuition for all. This is why all the events, talks, courses and facilities provided by Inner Space today, or any day, are offered to you as a gift.  All the team who give their time and talents freely at Inner Space, nurture the very best in themselves so that they naturally enjoy sharing something of value with others.

Although all work is carried out voluntarily there are, of course, costs involved in running Inner Space. We are able to continue our work because many visitors who come here, choose to make contributions to support the work of Inner Space


Can I do something to help?

Yes! We really welcome your donations so that many more people can discover the inner freedom and relaxation that they find here. Your contributions will help to cover the costs of putting on events at Inner Space and enable others in the community to take benefit from what we do.

Should you wish to make a contribution to help, the following information may be useful to you:

  • You can contribute by cash or cheque at events and course you attend.
  • Cheques (only from UK bank accounts) should be made payable to “Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University” or “BKWSU”.