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Inner Space is a relaxing haven, with lawns and trees, close to the city centre of Bradford where meditation and personal development skills are taught. This calm and peaceful atmosphere is somewhere to unwind and restore inner balance, when life gets just too busy and stressful.

At Inner Space we provide spiritual tools to help you reduce stress, find inner peace and boost self-esteem, through courses, workshops, talks and meditation.  The emphasis at Inner Space is on learning about the self and our core values, such as peace, strength and tolerance as well as how to live and work together more harmoniously.  All our courses are run by a team of meditation practitioners from the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK) and are offered free of charge.

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Thought for Today

Thought for today

Diamond Consciousness

When you look at the world through your physical eyes, you will see all the facets of our diversity: culture, race, personality, religion and so on. Seeing only through your physical eyes, it is easy to become stubborn and to try to prove yourself right. However where there is stubbornness there is no love. And trying to prove the self right is equally offensive. A diamond will sparkle even in the dust; you do not ever need to prove that you are right. In the face of the dangers that come from seeing only with the physical eyes, always think: now is the time to go beyond all divisions, beyond all that limits us and our sense of self. Whatever the race, the religion, the class - our consciousness now has to go beyond all of that.


Every day spin the wheel and enjoy the magic : keeping in mind that quality, see how it colours your thoughts, your environment, your world.

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