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Why is The World In Such A Mess?


Spiritual insights and solutions to make things better

In 2022 a new word emerged to describe the current state of the world - 'perma-crisis'. Everything appears to be in constant state of upheaval and this can cause us to feel hopeless and helpless.  Spirituality enables us to understand more clearly what is going on and it gives us the tools to empower and protect ourselves and contribute to creating a better world.

About the speaker: John McConnel is a stress management trainer and former prison governor and social worker. He has been studying and teaching raja yoga meditation with the Brahma Kumaris for over 30 years. He has a strong interest in the practical application of spiritual principles and insights in daily life. He is the author of the 5 star rated book 'Breaking Through The Darkness: how to deal with depression, anxiety and stress - a spiritual perspective.

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